To Our Guests,

Thank you for choosing Doran Bay Resort. Everything in the rental unit is provided for your comfort and convenience while you are staying in the unit. Promptly report any problems you may encounter with the rental unit to the office. Please familiarize yourself with the following rules and with all information provided regarding rental of our cottages.

Thank you and enjoy your stay!

• CUSTOMER SERVICE:  We can be reached by phone or in person.

.  Check-in is allowed as from 4pm and Check out is 11am.


Full amount is charged at the time of booking on valid credit card.
A refund will be provided for travellers cancelling 30 days prior to check-in. 

All  refund will be subject to a 10%administration fees.
No refunds are provided for travellers cancelling less than 30 days prior to check-in.
No refund in case of no-show.

PETS are not allowed .

- ONETIMERESORT FEE (charged at time of booking):  $55.00 (beddings/linens/towels/propane for bbq/cleaning)

. PARTYING, ROWDINESS AND NOISE:  All guests MUST  keep partying, noise and related rowdiness to an absolute minimum. Guests that are negatively impacted by noise and rowdiness are encouraged to report such incidents immediately to  management so corrective action can be taken. Guests failing to respond to a written or verbal warning from management will be asked to leave  the Resort (without refund) and may also charged damages equal to refunds granted to guests who have chosen to check out prematurely early due to rowdiness and noise.

SMOKING: No smoking is allowed inside the units. Units with a cigarette smell during or after your stay OR where butts and ashes can be found will be considered in violation of this rule. Please be considerate of all of our guests and step out on the patio to smoke. Please make sure doors and windows are closed so the cigarette smoke is not blown inside the cottage. Remember to dispose your ashes and cigarette butts properly. Open flames as well as lighting any types of candles or incense are not allowed. Tampering with the smoke detection device is prohibited.

• FINES: A fine of $50.00 will be imposed on renters who violate the no smoking policy.

• OCCUPANCY: Each unit that has only one queen sized bed is allowed up to TWO people. Each unit with a two queen sized beds is allowed FOUR people. A fold out futon is allowed up to 1 or two people. Each unit is allowed up to one parking spaces. Please notify Doran Bay Resort of the number of guests staying in your unit. Failure to do so may result in extra charges automatically applied to your credit card. The maximum occupancy for each unit is highly monitored. Doran Bay Resort has the right to inspect the number of people in your party. Any party exceeding the maximum occupancy is reason for $20 charges per day. Only registered guests can occupy the units. Each unit has its own private shower and bathroom.

• TOILETRIES & AMENITIES: We provide only bar and hand wash soap. We provide toilet papers/ dishwashing liquid/ scourers. Doran Bay Resort does offer some personal supplies. • Do not place hot items directly on tables, counters, or furniture; always use a hot pad. Pots and pans are for stove top use only. Do not use pots, pans, or any type of metal or alloy product in the microwave.

• TOWELS & LINENS: DO NOT use towels for make-up removal, machinery, grease, shoes, or anything that will leave stains. Do not hang towels or clothes on shower curtain rod -- use towel bars or hooks. Do not put wet or damp items on beds, furniture, or floor. Leave pillows, blankets, and bedspreads on bed. Do not use Doran Bay Resort blankets, pillows, towels, and linens outdoors and do not remove them from the premise.

• TRASH REMOVAL:  If you bag up your trash nice and neat and leave it by the front door or take it to the garbage shed.

• WHEN CHECKING OUT: Do not turn off refrigerators. Do turn off fans, TV/VCR/DVD's and indoor lights and porch lights. Lock windows and doors. NEVER leave the keys inside the unit and the doors unlocked. You must check out with the front office before leaving the resort in person or by phone. If you are planning for a late check out you must notify the front desk of your plans. Guest(s) must place all waste into the trash and empty out closets, dressers, and kitchen appliances. Make sure all used towels are left in the shower or bathtub and not on the floors when checking out. The propane tank should be closed after use. 

• INSPECTIONS: All Cottages are inspected and cleaned before and after your stay. You are responsible for any damages or missing items incurred during your stay and until you lock the cottage and return your keys back to the front office. You will be charged for any damage or missing items upon your departure.

• INVENTORY: A full written inventory has been taken of each unit  and Doran Bay Resort will conduct an inspection upon your departure. If damages (other than “ordinary wear and tear”) are found – or towels, and/or property are missing a retail damage price will be assessed and charged to the guest’s credit card on file. If you find something damaged shortly after you check in, please let us know immediately and we will make every effort to come to a reasonable resolution to the situation.

• SAFETY: Safety and security is the sole responsibility of the Guest. Owner(s) or its agent assume no responsibility or liability for the safety or security of the guests, or for injury caused by the criminal acts of other persons. Guests should ensure that all doors and windows are locked at all times, and guest must immediately notify Doran Bay Resort if any locks become inoperative. Guest shall not store any combustibles on premises. Nudity visible form outside your unit, excessive profanity, and excessive noise will result in eviction without refund.

• ALTERATIONS: No alterations, additions or improvements to the unit (including the application of paints, stains, nails or screws to the woodwork, walls, floors or furnishings). Guest(s) acknowledges and understands that all furnishings/furniture in the cabin are in place as the Owner(s) wish them. Guest(s) agrees to pay not less than $50 if furniture is rearranged in such a manner that results in cleaning services being delayed. Such cost will be deducted from the the credit card on file.

• LOST AND FOUND: We are not responsible for any loss of money, jewellery, valuables of any kind ... or any damage incurred to guest’s motor vehicles or their contents. We will keep any lost and found item at the front desk and can be collected at any time.